Cinema House
Cabin of Peter the Great
Saint Petersburg Philharmonia
Mariinsky Palace
Saint Petersburg Mint
Monument to Peter I in Peter and Paul Fortress
Main Post Office (Glavpochtampt)
Tauride Palace
Smolny Convent
Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God
Universe of Water Museum Complex
Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt
Priory Palace, Gatchina
Gatchina Palace, Gatchina
Chinese Palace, Oranienbaum
Farm Palace of Alexander II, Peterhof
Gothic Capella, Palace Telegraph Station, Peterhof
Peter and Paul Cathedral, Petergof
Pyramid Fountain, Peterhof
Sun Fountain, Peterhof
Monplaisir Palace, Peterhof
Adam and Eve Fountains, Peterhof
Marly Palace, Peterhof
Lion Cascade, Peterhof
Oak Fountain, Peterhof
Neptune Fountain, Peterhof
Grand Cascade Fountain/ Grottos, Peterhof
Grand Palace, Peterhof
Catherine Cathedral, Pushkin
Chesme Column, Pushkin
Znamenskaya Church, Pushkin