Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

A wonderful place for family leisure, the zoo is located practically on the shores of a water reservoir, in a deep forest. Here during only a day of your visit you will have to time to find yourself in a desert, jungles and have a wild ride taking a safari in real Africa! The zoo's distinctive feature is that its animals live in natural environments, as they are separated from the visitors by ditches, green fences and hills. Carnivorous animals, like jaguars or leopards, inhabit ultra strong glass houses. Other "locals", namely apes, roam freely along the territory of the zoo always willing to know their new friends better. For all the time of the zoo's existence there have been no incidents with animals.

The zoo is home to 315 species of animals, 16% of which are endangered. Here you can see Bengal tiger and clouded leopard that are extremely rare to be seen in the wild. Other inhabitants, such as the Malayan tiger or Komodo dragon are on the brink of extinction. The zoo features a lot of African animals headed by the king of the all, the lion. Do not forget to visit the tropical rain forest to be amazed by the bright colors of its birds and butterflies. Gigantic aquariums are for tranquil life of penguins and sea lions. The Singapore Zoo has become the first tropical one in the world to have a white bear cub born in captivity. Inuka the white bear has been the mascot of the Singapore Zoo ever since 1990.

The Rainforest Kidzworld center, located at the zoo, features a lot of entertaining shows for kids and families starring animals of the zoo. The center has also a water playground for children, a place where kids can familiarize themselves with the animals that will show them a number of tricks. Children can also accept the challenge and test their courage in a real tropical forest, not to mention having fun seeing seals, sea lions ad dolphins making a spectacular show. So there are plenty of possibilities to make friends with wild animals, even to feed them (feeding timetables are handed out at the entrance). Where else would it be possible to have breakfast with orangutan and to know more about these friendly creatures.

The zoo made sure that a visit here would be extremely comfortable. First, for example, you can have a ride on a special tram to have an idea from what to start you incredible journey. The zoo also has special tents where people can find shelter if it's raining. If you got tired of the heat, there are always rooms with air conditioning.

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd
Opening hours: daily 8.30 am – 6 pm, entry till 5.30 pm, Rainforest Kidzworld daily from 9 pm till 6 pm
How to reach: MRT Kranji NS7, then by taxi
Coordinates: 1.40495, 103.79049