If during your walk around Singapore you notice that tall glass and concrete monsters are gradually surrendering to nice two-storey colorful colonial houses, everywhere you look there are hovering kites, you start to feel an enchanting smell of unfamiliar spices, the stores along your path are selling potions and powders, while the nearby restaurants are luring you with delicious smells of their meals cooked from something unbelievable – you are definitely in the city's Chinatown!

Chinatown is one of the most vivid and brightest ethnic neighborhoods of Singapore. Up till the middle of the 19th century the Chinese neighborhood had a large number of brothels and was managed by mafia clans. Find out about the history of the district and difficult life of the first Chinese migrants in the Chinatown Heritage Center. Culturally speaking the neighborhood presents in intricate mix of religions and cultures: the city's oldest Hindu temple Sri Mariamman and Jamae mosque peacefully stand right next to the Chinese Thian Hock Keng temple and the Nagore Durgha mosque.

Chinatown preserves a lot of two- or three-storey buildings with shops on their ground floors. Trading in the stores, shops, kiosks and market stalls of Chinatown never stops. For a moment you might even think that you are actually in China. Here Chinese clothes, souvenirs, jewelry and various trifles (decorative boxes, umbrellas, paper fans and kites) are sold everywhere. No less educating will be a visit to a local drugstore where you can purchase a wide range of herbal essences as well as natural medicines from milled pearls and ginseng. Even alcoholic tinctures on snakes are considered to have healing powers! And as for the foodies, you will be more than glad to visit the famous Smith Street or the Food Street, as it is also called, where the Chinatown Complex Food Centre is located a great variety of traditional meals for affordable prices.

There is no doubt that the best time for visiting the Chinese neighborhood is during the Chinese New Year festivities. Amazing fire shows and colorful fireworks are organized not only in Chinatown but also around Singapore completely changing the city landscape filling it with joyful spirit.

Address: Chinatown
How to reach: MRT Chinatown NE4
Coordinates: 1.28384, 103.84372