This is no mere hill, it’s a milestone for Barcelona. History of the Montjuic conquest greatly affected the course of the history of the city. First settlements of the Celtiberian tribes appeared here long before Christ. During the reign of the Romans there was the first city port the foot of the hill, while a temple to Jupiter stood on top of it, which according to one of the versions was the source of its name – the mount of Jupiter ("mons Iovis"). Another version states that the name originated from the 11th (12th) century Jewish cemetery ("Mont del Jueus", i. e. "Jew Mountain"). During the Middle ages the hilltop had a guard tower which was a strategic outpost. Later on it transformed into the Castle of Montjuic.

The modern day view of the hill was defined by two events that took place in the 20th century – 1929 World’s Fair (hosted by Barcelona) and the 1992 Summer Olympics that opened the city to the world. Numerous pavilions and other buildings were constructed specifically for this expo, such as the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, theaters, the Poble Espanyol (a full-scale Iberian village), Magic Fountain. Some of the pavilions are still being used according to their initial purpose. For instance, Fira de Barcelona gradually became the largest exhibition center in Spain.

The 1992 Summer Olympics venues which are commonly known as the "Olympic Ring", have become another spot of attention on the hill. Somewhere in between these events the amazing museum of Joan Miro.

Montjuic also has the largest number of parks in the city, each of them possessing some distinctive features. And this is the perfect combination that makes Montjuic interesting for everyone. Although it is unlikely that you will manage to see everything in one day, one thing is certain – the hill definitely deserves an entire day of your stay. There are several ways to climb: by foot, walking from the seaside or from the National Art Museum of Catalonia, or by bus from href="/local_redirect.php?id_prod=8030&id_lang=2&id_city=7">Plaça d'Espanya, and by cable car from the port (the most impressive one) or by the Teleferic funicular from Paral∙lel metro station.

Address: Montjuïc
How to reach: from Espanya metro station by bus 150, by funicular from Paral∙lel funicular up to Parc de Montjuic; by Teleferic del Port Miramar cable car
Coordinates: 41.369512, 2.171517