Siriraj Medical Museum


Throughout its almost 120-year history of pioneer medicine not only in Thailand but in South East Asia as a whole, Siriraj Hospital has put together a huge collection of medical equipment, anatomical and clinical samples, precious artifacts and archives. Its unique collection is stored in six smaller museums: the Pathological Museum, Forensic Medicine Museum, Anatomical Museum, Thai Medicine Museum, Parasitology Museum and Prehistoric Museum and Laboratory. In 2008 the museum complex hosted an exhibition dedicated to the hospital's contribution in disaster control after the devastating tsunami of 2004.

Here you can find out not only about human anatomy, cancer types, congenital anomalies and fetal evolution stages but to see mummies and even the very Siamese twins. One of the most unusual items on display is a cut-off head preserved in alcohol, which was sawed up in halves to demonstrate the trajectory of a bullet that went right through it. The cut shows precisely where the bullet came through the skull.

The Forensic Medicine Museum exhibits the mummified remains of the first known serial killer in modern Thailand. Cannibal Si Ouey Sae Urng came from China hunted down little kids. He was convicted and executed, and his body mummified and put on public display as a deterrent strategy against criminal behavior and violence.

Address: 2 Prannok Rd, Bangkok Noi
Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 10 am – 5 pm, closed Tue
How to reach: Wang Lang pier, buses 19, 57, 81, 146, 149, 157
Coordinates: 13.758711, 100.485341