La Barceloneta

History of this picturesque neighborhood moving its triangular land right to the Mediterranean starts in the 18th century. Here, small two-storey houses of the residents of the La Ribera district were built when their homes were demolished to erect the Ciutadella fortress. There houses were easy targets for the cannon of the fortress ready to use them in case of another rebellion against Spanish authorities or should the tragic events of the Siege of Barcelona (1714) repeat themselves. Its rectilinear lay-out with the streets crossing at a right angle was designed by engineer Prosper Verboom. With time the houses grew taller as the neighborhood turned more into a fishermen settlement that a typical city district. And this neighborhood soon developed a unique atmosphere: quiet provincial streets, narrow balconies with clothes drying in the wind, dim yards and not always tide façade of similar buildings. There are many tourists here rambling along Passeig De Joan De Borbo towards the beach of Barceloneta (one of the most crowded).

Nearly every block of flats has a fish restaurant on its ground floor. Gastronomic sites are another peculiarity of Barceloneta. The closer you are to the sea, the higher the prices at the restaurants and tapas bars (for instance, Can Majo). Neighborhood's main attraction is the unusual sculpture by Rebecca Horn called the Wounded Shooting Star (L’Estel Ferit), which stands right on the beach. Four steel cubes placed on one another pay tribute to Barcelona's past when the beach was full of tiny seaside restaurants, "chiringuitos", which were destroyed not long before the 1992 Olympic Games. It will be also interesting to visit the church of Sant Miquel del Port, old marketplace located in a new building and a charming store called The Only Fish in the Sea (Carrer de l'Atlàntida, 47) where you will find everything to make you apartment of house look like a fisher's home (nets, figures of fish, paintings, pillows with corals, t-shirts, bags and decorations). Next to the store there a bike rent.

How to reach: metro Barceloneta
Coordinates: 41.379811, 2.189432