Lak Muang


Across the street from the Grand Palace you will find a small shrine of Lak Muang, which is the very first building in the city! Here the Bangkok city pillar is located, a sacred object for the citizens. From this point all the destinations in the country were measured. The tourists are rare guests here, although it is not only a geographical but also a spiritual center of the city.

During the construction of the city Thai people do their best to achieve support from the guardian spirits, which is why the construction is traditionally started with the building of the city pillar, Lak Muang, around which the shrine is erected. This is exactly the reason why Lak Muang is actually the sacred object of any Thai city. The first pillar was erected in 1782 in Bangkok when King Rama I moved the capital from Thonburi. The pillar was constructed in accordance with the most ancient traditions, in compliance with the beliefs of the Brahmans in the 'single city pillar ceremony'. That implied that a pillar of acacia wood should be erected before the city construction would begin. Annually, on April 21, the city foundation day, a feast is held next to the shrine in order to please the spirits.

Nevertheless, daily it is a crowded place. Hoping that their wishes will come true the locals generously bring here their offerings (flowers), while more wealthy people tend to organize performances and concerts, again, to please the spirits. It is believed that this is a way to come to prosperity, achieve luck, power and prestigious status, of course in case the respect to spirits in this sacred place has been paid. There is also a commonly accepted idea that the spirits are more willing to help childless couples. In 1980, as a part of preparations for the 200th anniversary of Bangkok in 1982, the city pillar shrine was renovated.

Address: Maha Chai Rd
Opening hours: daily 6 am – 6 pm
How to reach: buses 508, 511, 512
Coordinates: 13.75252, 100.49402