Canons’ House

Casa dels Canonges

The building has been in this place since the 13th-14th centuries. It was erected on the foundation of the ancient Roman times and later was repeatedly rebuilt. Presently it combines the elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The house was called so because of the canons who chose to live near the Barcelona Cathedral. They settled in the neighbouring houses which were later united. In one of the houses there was an almshouse where the poor could get some rest and food.

For a long time the building had been under the rule of the bishop of Barcelona and in 1921 the major reconstruction of the edifice started. Primary changes were made to the inner layout of the building. Between 1926 and 1928 the filigree neo-Gothic-style bridge was designed by architect Joan Rubió and constructed across Carrer del Bisbe. The bridge connected Casa dels Canonges with Generalitat of Catalonia. This Barcelona ‘bridge of sighs’ became the unspoken symbol of the Gothic Quarter despite the fact that it was not built in medieval times.

After reinstatement of the autonomy of Catalonia in 1931 its newly-elected president Francesc Macià makes Canons’ House his official residence. After the fall of Franco’s regime Catalan presidents continued this tradition. Entrance to the house is located from the side of Carrer de la Pietat. If the president is in the building, the red-yellow flag is hoisted over the entrance.

Address: Carrer del Bisbe, 4-8
How to reach: metro Catalunya, Jaume I
Coordinates: 41.383617, 2.176631