Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, that was constructed almost 150 years ago, has long become one of London's most recognisable sights. The original idea of the bascule bridge belongs to the major architect of London - Sir Horace Jones, his project of the rising bascule bridge designed together with the engineer Sir John Wolfe Barry won in the open competition arranged by London authorities. Innovative idea of upper walkways appealed to everyone. Construction of the bridge started in 1884, the budget amounted to an incredible for those times sum of 585 thousand pounds. Eight years after the start of construction works, the first visitors walked along the galleries that connected towers of the bridge on the height of 44 metres and could see its raised spans.

They say, that at first Londoners rarely used the opportunity to walk across the Tower Bridge. The high-level open-air walkways between the towers gained an unpleasant reputation as a haunt for prostitutes and pickpockets. At the beginning of the 20th century, walkways were closed for long years and only in 1982 Londoners and visitors of the capital could go up the walkways which became a popular viewing point and a museum. Machinery rooms with the old mechanic equipment of the bridge still provoke interest and attract curious tourists. Ticket to visit an exposition costs about £10. The Bridge leads to another famous landmark of the capital of the Foggy Albion - London Tower, hence the name of the bridge.

Despite its considerable age, Tower Bridge continues to excite us and bring new memories and impressions! A part of the floor in the gallery has been replaced by a glass walkway. Walking in this gallery and having an opportunity to see the traffic on the bridge along with the ships and yachts in the river through the glass panels is an amazing experience! To see the bridge raised check out the schedule at website.

Take notice of the cosy pub The Bridge House in Tower Bridge Rоаd, right next to the bus stop. Here you can quickly and for an affordable price have a good snack, there is always a choice: on the cold days get warm in front of a fireplace with Cosmopolitan or Espresso Martini and in summer time enjoy a refreshing drink and reasonable lunch.

Address: Tower Bridge Road
Opening hours: Apr-Sep Mon-Sun 10 am – 6 pm (enter before 5:30 pm), Oct-Mar Mon-Sun 9:30 am - 5:30 pm (enter before 5 pm). Closed Dec 24-26.
How to reach: tube Tower Hill, London Bridge; bus 42, 78, 343, RV1; St. Katharine's Pier.
Coordinates: 51.50563, -0.07528