Bishop’s Palace

Palau Episcopal

On the right side of New Square one can see the façade of the Bishop’s Palace. This edifice is rather large but you can hardly estimate the size of it. The palace is squeezed between the Roman walls and the tower from the one side and narrow streets and adjacent medieval buildings from the other. One of its walls faces Carrer del Bisbe which literally means the "bishop’s street".

The palace which stood on this spot and which earlier was located on King’s Square was laid in the 12th century over the ancient Roman foundation and later was repeatedly reconstructed. Virtually nothing remained of the original structure. The façade with the balconies that now faces New Square has no particularly significant features and was added rather late in the history, in the middle of the 18th century; the latest major reconstruction of the palace was performed in 1928. Unfortunately there is no way to get inside the palace as it is still owned by the Catholic diocese. At present it hosts the diocesan archive (the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona is not in this palace but in the Barcelona Cathedral). There is however an opportunity to visit the stone courtyard of the 15th century that displays the remarkable sculpture of Our Lady in the middle and has the roofed gallery on the first floor.

Address: Carrer del Bisbe, 5
How to reach: metro Catalunya, Jaume I, Liceu
Coordinates: 41.38374, 2.17535