Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The colossal and magnificent-looking building in Cromwell Road is the Natural History Museum. Walking through its galleries, one can follow the evolution of our planet and the wildlife that inhabits it. Visiting this museum is worth every minute of your London trip. Central hall displays one of the most famous items - a 30-meter cast of a diplodocus skeleton (nicknamed Dippy). At the central stair, a sculpture of Charles Darwin greets the visitors.

The museum is divided into zones identified in different colours and creating a special mood for every zone. The Red Zone is themed around the changing history of the Earth; here you can feel what the volcanoes and earthquakes are like. If you are more into the wildlife, welcome to the Green Zone. Apart from fossil marine reptiles, birds, animals and insects, this zone displays the incredible collection of photographs!

Orange Zone hosts Darwin Centre and the giant eight-story Cocoon, while the Blue Zone is traditionally interesting for those who take interest in dinosaurs and pre-historic animals. There you will discover a unique exposition of marine invertebrates and human evolution. The animatronic T-Rex who gawps and roars in the dark will impress children as well as adults. Among other popular items, there is Sophie the Stegosaurus. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful Wildlife Garden located in a separate building.

Museum and its gardens occupy the territory of more than 5 ha; its galleries are annually visited by over 5 million tourists. Admission to major exhibitions is free. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions for which the fee is applied. Annual exhibition Wildlife Photographer of the Year displays the show-stopping images made by professional and amateur photographers, this exhibition is usually held autumn through spring. The fee is applied to attend this exhibition, find more about discounts and buying tickets online at the website. There you can also find the working hours and information about the experiment - cinema nights, price is below £28.

Gift store within the museum offers interesting souvenirs - books, postcards and sets for experiments. You can continue the educational experience in the neighbouring Exhibition Rоаd at Science Museum and in Victoria and Albert Museum in Cromwell Road. Hyde Park with beautiful recreation locations and entertainment is only a 10-minute walk away.

Address: Cromwell Road
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am – 6 pm (enter before 5:30 pm), closed Dec 24-26
How to reach: tube Gloucester Road, South Kensington; bus 14, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, 414, 430, C1
Coordinates: 51.4966, -0.17636