Dali Theatre and Museum in Figueres

Teatre-Museu Dali Figueres

This is one of the most visited museums not only Catalonia, but also in Spain. It is situated in a town called Figueres, in a seaside province of Alt Amporda which borders with France. This is the native town for the greatest surrealist of all time, Salvador Dali (born in 1904). Despite of his eccentricity the genius always longed for his home country, so here on the ruins of a former theater destroyed during the Civil War a unique museum was erected in 1974. It is symbolic that Dali’s first art show took place in the foyer of this theater. He was baptized in the nearby Església de Sant Pere de Figueres (the church of Saint Peter). Dali, who designed the museum himself, put together a fragment of a medieval wall and the theater thus creating the space of "a great surrealist object" which incarnated the limitless imagination of the artist.

The exterior amazes you from the far – a glass, sphere shaped dome rests on a pedestal surrounded by red walls decorated with breads and crowned by gigantic eggs. Inside the space is full of different kinds of secrets, optic illusions and installations ("Rainy taxi" in the courtyard with an old Cadillac and Mae West hall on the first floor are the most eccentric). Apart from that the museum holds on the of the most complete collections of paintings, drawings and sculptures created by Dali during different periods of his artistic career (Leda Atomica, Portrait of Pablo Picasso in the Twenty-first Century, Soft Self-Portrait with Grilled Bacon are among these). The museum sections that were added later have an astonishingly beautiful collection of jewelry by Dali, among which probably the most interesting one would be the beating Royal Heart. Here the artist was buried in 1989 in a special crypt built under the former stage.

This unique museum is certainly worth escaping from Barcelona for a day. If you set on a trip early in the morning you can also visit the medieval town of Girona, which can be reached from Figueres by bus or by train. Admirers of Dali’s works and everyone who likes surrealistic art should visit Casa Salvador Dali (his museum house) and his wife’s castle Castel Gala Dali. These are situated in the same province, although it is easier to reach them by car and the tickets should be purchased in advance.

Address: Gala-Salvador Dalí Square, 5, Figueres, Catalonia
Opening hours: November 11 – February 28 Tue-Sun 10.30 am – 6 pm, closed on Mondays; March 1 – May 31 Tue-Sun 9.30 – 6 pm, closed on Mondays; July 1 – September 30 daily 9 am – 8 pm; October 1 – October 31 Tue-Sun 9.30 am – 6 pm, closed on Mondays; August 1 – August 30 daily 10 pm – 1 am; closed: January 1, December 25
How to reach: it will take approximately an hour and a half to get to the museum by car or by train. In Barcelona it is better to board from Passeig de Gracia metro station. In Figueres a walk to the museum will take some 15-20 minutes from Figueres Vilafant station (follow the road signs). It is better to buy a T-10 railway ticket for multiple trips rather than the pink one. The Medium Distance (MD) trains are the most comfortable (R11 line). There also buses 602 and 661 operated by Sagales which cruise regularly from Barcelona. The trip will take you 2 hours plus a 15-minute walk to the museum.
Coordinates: 42.26798, 2.95964