Boat Trip along Bosphorus

Boğazda Tekne Gezisi

When you are in Istanbul, you will be certainly impressed by magnificent palaces, parks, mosques and monuments. The impression of Istanbul however will not be complete without the boat trip along one of the most beautiful straits in the world – Bosphorus. Bosphorus is the symbol of Istanbul, the world’s narrowest strait used for international navigation and a real landmark to see.

Boat trips usually depart from Eminonu terminal. There are several options for having a boat trip along Bosphorus. One can use special cruising ferries or hire a private motor boat. For those who prefer comfort, there are special ferries with open decks where you can enjoy the fresh sea air in nice weather, there are also inside glass compartments where you can hide from rain and wind.

The most cost-efficient variant is simply ride regular ferries. This will you give you a chance to feel local culture because you will hardly encounter many tourists there. We warn you beforehand – it might seem a long journey, so you better devote it one whole day. Schedule should be also studied beforehand at the terminal! One-way trip with several stops will take approximately two hours, then there will be a long stop for hour or hour and a half and then other two hours for a trip back. During a long stop you will have time for a nice lunch on the Asian shore of Bosphorus.

Boat trip along Bosphorus can turn into a nice relaxing time after the first or second day in Istanbul when you are already overwhelmed with impressions. It is just the time to step aside from excitement and heaps of historical information, and finally give rest to your legs. Aboard you can have a cup of tea, some snack and enjoy magnificent views of the strait. You will have a chance to see the Galata Bridge that attract fishers all year round, ancient Galata Tower with the viewing platform, beautiful silhouette of the Maiden’s Tower, magnificent Dolmabahce Palace, the last residence of the Turkish Sultans, Ciragan Palace which now houses the luxurious hotel. Of course, you will see the bridges across Bosphorus. Probably it will be your brightest day in Istanbul.

Coordinates: 41.018722, 28.970365