CosmoCaixa Science Museum

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

In Barcelona there is an ultimate attraction for the inquisitive minds, regardless of whether it is a child or an adult – it is the CosmoCaixa science museum. This former 20th century textiles factory building is situated on a slope of Tibidabo mountain, yet it is certainly worth the effort of getting here. Local savings bank La Caixa became the sponsor of a unremarkable science museum of Barcelona turning it in 2004 into a trendy exhibition space. Here one can find a simple but no less interesting explanation of the essence of many physical phenomena, Earth structure, and discover the mysteries corresponding to many other fields of scientific knowledge about mankind and the universe we live in. You will be amazed by a giant Foucault pendulum and the tree of knowledge which seems to be interwoven with every museum floor with its roots craving the answers to the most complicated questions. Various models and interactive objects are designed to show the visitors how profound and wide the contemporary science is and give them an opportunity to conduct their own experiment and see what is hiding under the microscope.

The display is divided into numerous sections, such as the Geological Wall (El Mudo Geologico), which is a collection of massive cuts of geological formations that describes their origins, or the 3,5 km2 Hall of Matter (La Sala de la Materia) unraveling the mystery of how our universe appeared starting with the Big Bang. The most peculiar of them all is the Flooded Forest (El Bosque Inundado) – 1 km2 of recreated Amazonian rainforest where you can find more than a 100 species of flora and fauna, including an anaconda, piranhas, capybara, crocodiles and venomous frogs. A special glass cube lets the sunlight pass through and illuminate the details of these amazing tropical jungles. It is allowed to touch almost any exhibit of the museum, so even the youngest adventurers visiting this place will have a lot to explore. In the Bubble Planetarium you will be excited by the wondrous world of astronomy.

Address: Carrer d' Isaac Newton, 26
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10 am – 8 pm, closed on Mondays except for holidays; January 5, December 24, 31 10 am – 6 pm; closed December 25, January 1, 6
How to reach: metro Avinguda Tibidabo
Coordinates: 41.413155, 2.13096