Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Font màgica de Montjuïc

This unique fountain of its time was created for the 1929 World's Fair and became its main jewel. Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, which starts from Plaça d'Espanya, is framed with a series of fountains crowned by the largest fountain of Barcelona placed in front of the National Art Museum of Catalonia. It is here where the magic is born. As the evening comes, an amazing colorful show of water jets, lights and music kicks off. Waters jets of various heights are going in circle in time with the best pieces of classical and modern music shaping 50 different configurations. Intensifying this outstanding performance the lighting makes the jets shine with all colors of the rainbow, which makes you believe the jets are alive and engaged in a magical dance. This enchanting show of water and music lasting for only 15 minutes is one of the most frequented events in Barcelona (so it is advisable to take a seat with a greater view on the steps in advance). Twice a year Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina homes great holidays. You can witness spectacular fireworks shows on September 24, which is Barcelona's biggest festival called La Merce (feast day of Our Lady of Mercy), and during the New Year's Eve.

Carles Buigas, the engineer who designed the fountain and supervised the construction of the cable car did not suppose that the fountain would use music during performances, it was added later after the renovation timed to the 1992 Olympics. The fountain, which pumps 2,600 liters per second, uses only recycled water. The total pool capacity is 3,100,000 liters.

Address: Plaça de Carles Buïgas, s/n, 08038 Montjuic
Opening hours: visit the official website for details
How to reach: metro Plaça Espanya
Coordinates: 41.371177, 2.151721