Archdeacon’s house / Roman wall and aqueducts

Casa de l’Ardiaca

A unique house, which has imbibed not only various architectural styles, but also the history of Barcelona starting from Roman times and finishing with the prime of modern. Built at the turn of our era, the building, which has served as an eparchial residence since the end of the 12th century, underwent numerous reconstructions. Basement, walls with square towers of the 3rd-4th centuries AD and a part of aqueduct are connected with the mansion of the 16th century. It was at that time when the first serious reconstruction of the building took place, which united two neighboring houses, resulting in the creation of a marvelous Renaissance-style inner court. Decorated with tiles in prevailing blue, green and yellow colors, a fountain in the middle and growing palm-trees, the court is a quiet oasis in the midst of ever-bustling Gothic Quarter.

It is possible to climb the upper terrace of the house and take a look at Barcelona Cathedral and surrounding streets from a different angle. In 1895 the mansion, which at that time belonged to a college of lawyers, was transformed by an outstanding architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, who particularly added a very remarkable mail box with a stone bas-relief with swallows and turtles, with the former symbolizing high speed of spreading truth and justice, and the latter – slow speed of law and bureaucracy. The Archdeacon’s house is currently occupied by municipal historic archives (L´Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona - AHCB) with a valuable collection of city documents.

Address: La Casa de l'Ardiaca, Carrer de Santa Llúcia, 1
Opening hours: September 1 – June 30 Mon-Fri 9 am - 8.45 pm, Sat 9 am - 1 pm, Sun closed; July 1 – August 31 Mon-Fri 9 am - 7.30 pm, Sat-Sun closed
How to reach: metro Catalunya, Jaume I
Coordinates: 41.384105, 2.17581