Museum of Innocence

Masumiyet Müzesi

The Museum of Innocence was created by the famous Turkish writer and 2006 Nobel laureate, Orhan Pamuk. Pamuk was the first Turkish writer to be recognized with such an award. The museum has its own unusual story. For many years Pamuk has been collecting different things, most of them from Istanbul’s flea markets and antique shops. The writer then came up with an idea to write a novel on the basis of the stories these collected things could tell. By entering the museum you will sense a nostalgic feeling of the past. According to the author, there is only one way to bring back the past – revive it by means of things that preserve these unique emotions and feelings of the past. The writer admitted that the money from the Nobel Prize were not enough to create the museum, that is why it opened only in 2012.

The house where the museum is located is the very place where The Museum of Innocence novel was written in 2008. The novel tells a love story between the wealthy businessman Kemal and his poor distant relative, Füsun. The museum exhibits objects owned by the novel’s characters: a 19th century watch, Fursun’s worn-out shoes, a wooden bed and even the porcelain dog from the room where Kemal and Fursun were making love. A collection of photos of Istanbul is also on display.

Address: Çukurcuma Cad., Dalgıç Çıkmazı 2, Beyoğlu
Opening hours: closed on Mondays. Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun 10 am – 6 pm, Thu 10 am -9 pm
Coordinates: 41.03074, 28.979717