Jewish Museum of Turkey

Türk Musevileri Müzesi

A small museum of the history of Jewish community in Turkey was opened to commemorate the 500th-anniversary of forced removal of Spanish Jews who left for Istanbul. Jewish communities live in Karakoy neighborhood already under the rule of Emperor Theodosius II (5th century AD). Those communities were represented mainly by merchants and craftsmen. The majority of them arrive at Istanbul from the cities of Spain and Portugal. Historically, the museum’s building or Mucevi Museum (meaning "those who believe in Moses") was Zülfaris Synagogue that was later rebuilt with financial aid of a well-known Jewish banker and patron of arts, Abraham de Camondo. The Camondo family built schools, banks and hospitals in Istanbul, as well as helped the Jews living in the Ottoman Empire but speaking only Spanish to learn Turkish and French to become valuable citizens of the country. In 1869 the Camondo family moved to Paris. The museum’s items tell the story of the Jewish community of Istanbul. The former synagogue building homes ancient scrolls, maps, menorahs, traditional costumes, as well as documents, photographs and works of art.

Address: Arap Cami Mh., Perçemli Sk.1
Opening hours: Closed on Saturdays. Mon-Thu 10 am – 4 pm, Fri, Sun 10 am – 2 pm
How to reach: Karaköy (TR1)
Coordinates: 41.023555, 28.974522