Palace Kitchens

Saray Mutfakları

The Palace kitchens of the Topkapi Palace were designed by the famous Imperial architect Mimar Sinan. Just take a look at the ten buildings of the kitchens and their two rows of 20 chimneys. And then imagine the 800 cooks who daily prepared delicious meals for up to 4,000 people! The adjacent building is a confectionery. As for the separate building – it is the kitchen where the food for the sultan family was cooked.

Today the kitchens host a major porcelain exhibition. Here you will see thousands samples of unique Chinese and Japanese porcelain, brought by the legendary Silk Road. Also some Turkish and European porcelain collections are on display in chronological order. There is one collection of 14th century sea-green porcelain worthy of your attention. It is believed that set of porcelain could change its color after contacting poisoned food. The kitchens also exhibit an array of silver objects, which were mostly handmade by the royal jewelers at the Topkapi Palace. Adjacent to the kitchens are the buildings for the staff where the numerous employees of the palace could eat. The cooks also lived here.

Address: Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi, Sultanahmet, Fatih
Opening hours: closed on Tuesdays. Mon, Wed-Sun - October 26 – April 15 - 9 am – 4.45 pm; April 15 – October 26 - 9 am – 6.45 pm
How to reach: Gülhane (TR1)
Coordinates: 41.012295, 28.984779