Arms Collection

Silah Seksiyonu Sergi Salonu

Adjacent to the building of the Imperial Divan is the former "outer treasury", built in the 16th century under Suleiman the Magnificent. Now it displays one of the richest collections of Islamic arms in the world. It exhibits weapons and armor dated 7th to 20th century: you will see sabers (including the sultans’ ones), precious daggers, shields, armor plates, pole-axes, bows, quivers and arrows. Among the most interesting objects it is worthy to mention the saber of Mehmed II the Conqueror, armor of Sultan Yavuz Selim (Yavuz is the Turkish for "The Grim"). Selim is famous for ordering to execute all his male relatives who could have attempted to get on the throne. The collection comprises roughly 400 weapons.

The "outer treasury" used to keep the money for state purposes and payment to the Janissaries (paid three times a month). In order to receive their money and foodstuff the Janissaries formed a huge line under the palace’s arcades. This event usually coincided with the receptions of foreign ambassadors and officials who could easily see this demonstration of the imperial power and wealth.

Address: Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi, Sultanahmet, Fatih
Opening hours: closed on Tuesdays. Mon, Wed-Sun October, 26 – April, 15 9 am – 4.45 pm; April, 15 – October, 26 9 am – 6.45 pm
How to reach: Gülhane (TR1)
Coordinates: 41.012677, 28.983658