Berlin Historic City Wall

Historische Berliner Stadtmauer

Not only the wall that had divided the city for almost 50 years was the part of the Berlin history. Between the Building of Mitte District Court, the parish church and Zur letzten Instanz Restaurant one can find the remains of the historic city wall of the XIII century, perhaps the most important evidence of the medieval Berlin. Along Littenstrasse there is an impressive red brownish wall made of lime mortar, bricks and stones that reflects the traces of reconstruction of various historic periods. Initial 2,5 kilometres of the city wall now have only about 120 meters left – within a long period of time the disguised parts of the wall were the parts of houses and were accidentally discovered within post-war reconstruction works in 1948.

Address: Littenstraße
How to reach: Alexanderplatz U2, U5, U8; Klosterstraße U2
Coordinates: 52.516962, 13.414003