National Monument to the Liberation Wars (Viktoriapark)

Preußisches Nationaldenkmal für die Befreiungskriege

The national monument was erected in 1821 by an initiative of the King Frederick William III of Prussia to honour the Prussian soldiers and civilian residents who participated in the fights of the Sixth and Seventh coalition against France. This neo-gothic exposition created by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel represents the towers of 18,83 meter height narrowing at the top and resembling the tops of gothic churches. The monument stands on the top of the 66-meter Kreuzberg hill. The unique charm of this place is an artificial 24-meter long waterfall located at the foot of the monument that continues downhill the picturesque slope. As there are no natural water sources on the Kreuzberg hill, the water is pumped to the hill to supply the waterfall. Currently the circulation of water amounts to 13,000 litres per minute. On the top of the monument there are beautiful views on the southern suburbs of the city. Later at the foot of the monument there was laid out the beautiful Viktoriapark that was opened in 1894.

Address: Kreuzbergstraße
Opening hours: 24 h
How to reach: Mehringdamm U6, U7
Coordinates: 52.487684, 13.381486