Bismarck Memorial

Bismarck Denkmal

This is the memorial to the Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck. Memorials to this prominent state leader are placed all over Germany. In Berlin there is a pompous Bismarck monument located in front of the Victory Column that was earlier standing in front of the Reichstag. The bronze statue of Otto von Bismarck rises on the pedestal of red granite. This national Bismarck memorial became the last work of architect Reinhold Begas and was erected in 1901. The memorial always attracts a lot of tourists – this is one of the most recognizable monuments in Berlin. The Chancellor is pictured in the uniform and the pot, one hand is supported by the broadsword, the second lies on the Treaty of Establishment of the German Confederation. The Chancellor stands above and surrounded by Cybil reclining on a sphinx, the Atlas holding the Earth, Germania suppressing discord and rebellion and a hero of German ethnos, Siegfried.

Address: Großer Stern 1
How to reach: Hansaplatz U9
Coordinates: 52.515899, 13.349743