Water Tower Prenzlauer Berg

Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg

The old water tower is the symbol of Prenzlauer Berg suburbs that was built in 1877. It was designed by the English engineer Henry Gill to supply with water the rapidly growing population of the city. The tower had been used for water supply until 1952 while nowadays it is the residential house. There is the dark side of this historical monument – an adjacent machine hall was the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany in 1933. The building was demolished in 1935 and in 1937 the territory became the park. Today only the stone stele near the tower reminds of those days. Presently underground sections of the tower host various concerts and exhibitions including the Chamber Arts Festival Kriptonale that shows unusual sound and light installations. Around the tower there is a recreation zone with cafes, bars and shops. Not far away there is another water tower: because of the difference in their diameters the towers are called "thick German" and "thin German".

Address: Knaackstraße 23
How to reach: Senefelderplatz U2
Coordinates: 52.534253, 13.418587