Palace Bridge


The first bridge over the River Spree was erected in this spot back in the XV century. Members of the royal family with packs of dogs were crossing this bridge on their way to hunting grounds, thus, the bridge was called the Dogs. In 1806 when Napoleon was entering Berlin, he did it still crossing the wooden bridge. The stone bridge was opened only in 1824. Sculptures that were supposed to decorate the bridge according to designer’s concept were installed in 1857, due to the scarce of funds. Fencing design was later used for the elements of Anichkov bridge in St Petersburg. During the Second World War the Palace Bridge was one of the few that survived in Berlin. Sculptures were thoughtfully removed from the bridge and moved out of Berlin during the war.

Address: Unter den Linden
How to reach: Hausvogteiplatz U2
Coordinates: 52.517618, 13.398639