TV Tower

Berliner Fernsehturm

This is the fourth highest TV tower in Europe (rises over the city on 368 meters) and the highest structure in Germany. The tower was opened in 1969, interesting fact that during the construction the cost of the tower increased by six times compared to the original estimated cost, the city spent 200 million deutschemarks. The tower is located in the very centre of the city and that is the reason why for so many years it has been used as the main viewing point in Berlin. One of the peculiarities of the tower is the cross appearing on the sphere under the sunlight. Berliners call this effect "Pope's Revenge" hinting at the atheism of the socialistic society and church discrimination in German Democratic Republic. The speed elevator takes visitors to the height of 203 meters. Climbing a little higher one reaches the revolving restaurant that offers amazing view on the city and makes a round of 360 degree within half an hour. Climbing the TV Tower and viewing the city through the birds' eyes in the 7-storied stainless steel sphere is a must for every tourist in Berlin. Annually over million people from all over the world visit the viewing platform of the tower.

Address: Panoramastraße 1A
Opening hours: Nov-Feb: daily 10 am – 12 am, Mar-Oct: daily 9 am – 12 am
How to reach: Alexanderplatz U2, U5, U8, S2, S7, S75
Coordinates: 52.520797, 13.409456