Victory Column


This is one of the most popular sights in Germany. Germans like to call it "Golden Lizzy" as a whole kilogram of gold was used to engild the sculpture atop the column. It took several years to build the column. In 1973 it was opened to commemorate the Prussian victory in Danish-Prussian War and the defeat of Austria in Austro-Prussian War. Originally the column was standing on three solid stones (rings) of sandstone symbolysing three victories of the country. The fourth ring was added during the times of National Socialism increasing the height of the column up to 67 meters. Climbing 285 steps of steep spiral staircase inside the column you reach the platform with a spectacular view of the entire city. Everyone can have a look at the city through the eyes of goddess Nike. The ground floor of the columns houses a historical museum.

Address: Großer Stern
Opening hours: observation platform: Apr-Oct: Mon – Fri 9.30 am – 6.30 pm, Sat – Sun closed; Nov-Mar: Mon – Fri 10 am – 5:30 pm, Sat – Sun closed
How to reach: Hansaplatz U9; Bellevue S5, S7, S75
Coordinates: 52.514530, 13.350157