Egyptian Gate, Pushkin

Yegipetskie vorota, Pushkin

1830. It is built in style of the ancient Egypt and decorated with the sculptures of screech beetles, snake heads and sun discs. Cast iron plates that cover the walls of the gate are decorated with pictures depicting scenes of Egyptian mythology. The gate suffered badly during the Great Patriotic War and it took a long time to reconstruct them afterwards. After the war driving through the gate was closed, now the road goes around the gate.

Address: Peterburgskoe Shosse, Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg
How to reach: by train from Vitebsky railway station to Tsarskoye Selo station (the city of Pushkin), then by any bus or shuttle to Dvortsovaya ulitsa stop; by shuttle 286, 287, 342, 347 and 545 from Moskovskaya metro station; bus 187 to Pushkin railway station then bus 371, 382 or shuttle 371, 377, 382 to Dvortsovaya ulitsa stop; by bus 186 from Zvyozdnaya or Kupchino metro stations to Dvortsovaya ulitsa stop; by shuttle K-545a, K-286, K-347a from Kupchino metro station to Dvortsovaya ulitsa stop.
Coordinates: 59.729288, 30.394575