Cruiser Aurora

Kreiser Avrora

Ironically, the cruiser that became the symbol of the Revolution of 1917 was floated off in 1900 by a personal order of Emperor Nicholas II in presence of the royal family members. The cruiser bears the name of Aurora sail frigate that was glorified during the Crimean War, the name was picked personally by Emperor Nicholas II. Aurora took part in several battle operations of the early 20th century and was one of the cruisers that survived the Battle of Tsushima of 1905.

After the Revolution the ship was used as training ship and became the only tsar fleet ship that managed to maintain its original name. In 1945 Aurora even starred in the shooting of Cruiser Varyag movie where it appeared as another famous cruiser. A thorough 'make-up' was applied to Aurora for it to look as Varyag and all of the ship's staff participate in the shootings.

The cruiser has been a museum ship since 1956 being a part of the Central Naval Museum. An interesting fact is that only the upper part of the ship was located at Petrogradskaya embankment (above the water line) because the bottom of Aurora was put at the ship cemetery (in the 1980s it fell into disrepair). The cruiser's newly overhauled bottom got renewed equipment. In 1987 repair works were finished. According to a city myth, the underwater part of the cruiser was taken to the Gulf of Finland and was put on the seabed, while parts of the hull were looted by the citizens of the nearby villages. The authenticity of the wreckage is still disputed by the experts.

In September of 2014 Aurora was towed to the repairing dock of the Admiralty Shipyard in Kronstadt. On July 16, 2016 the cruiser returned to the place of its eternal docking. Several historical parts were renewed, including the teakwood deck. Mainly the changes concerned the display located on board the ship, as now Aurora tells not only about the revolutionary day of 1917, but also about the history of Russian fleet and cruiser's role in the important events of the 20th century.

Address: Petrogradskaya Emb. (Petrogradskaya naberezhnaya)
Opening hours: Tue-Thu, Sat-Sun 10.30 am – 4 pm, closed on Mon, Fri
How to reach: Gorkovskaya metro station
Coordinates: 59.955390, 30.337785