Palace Bridge

Dvortsoviy most

The imposing Palace Bridge is one of the most beautiful and symbolic bridges of Saint Petersburg. Its drawn outline on the background of the Peter and Paul Fortress are the symbols you will often come across on different souvenirs. A night walk here would be an unforgettable experience to enjoy the famous site of Petersburg beaming with its bright lights. The Palace Bridge also offers some excellent views over the Neva River and many of the city sights. The 250 m high and 28 m wide Palace Bridge links the city center with Vasilyevsky Island.

After in 1850 the Blagoveshchensky Bridge was inaugurated merchants asked the tsar to move the pontoon Isaac's Bridge closer to the Winter Palace in order to provide logistics to the trading port situated at the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Transfer works were completed in 1865 and the crossing got its present name, the Palace Bridge, as it is situated next to the Winter Palace and Palace Square.

The bridge occupied its present day location in the late 19th century, as the pontoon Palace Bridge was moved 53 meters downstream, right to the spot where later the modern permanent bridge would be constructed. The pontoon bridge was erected in 1897, consecrated and opened for traffic and pedestrian crossing. After the permanent bridge started to be built the pontoon one was replaced again and later it caught fire and burnt down.

The modern bridge was inaugurated in 1916 without any exterior decorations, and due to a tense political situation in the country neither member of the royal family, nor the head of Petersburg attended the opening ceremony. In took another 20 years to decorate the exterior of the bridge. Cast iron railings were added only in 1939, and the lanterns, other railings and the deck were replaced only in the 1970s. After the Revolution of 1917 it was called the Republican Bridge. In 1997 the Palace Bridge became the city's third illuminated bridge. During festivals and holidays the bascules of the bridge often operate as displays for huge projections.

Address: Dvortsovaya Emb., 38 (Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya, 38)
How to reach: Nevskiy Prospekt metro station
Coordinates: 59.941181, 30.308085