Bunker-42 on Taganka (Cold War Museum)

Bunker-42 (bunker Stalina)

Bunker-42 at Taganka. The museum is located in former secret place – underground bunker located at 65 m depth. It was built in 1950s in view of the threat of nuclear war with the USA and equipped with all necessary things in case of an attack. It is connected to metro stations by tunnels. Today, armored doors and steel walls are the only remnants. Exposition of the museum hosts such exhibits as Soviet radio stations, chemical protective clothing, gas masks and Geiger counter.

Address: 5th Kotelnichesky Lane, 11 (pyaty Kotelnichesky pereulok, 11)
Opening hours: excursions and events are held 24/7 (all excursions and events that take place after 9 pm are discussed on an individual basis). Children under 14 should be accompanied by adults. Children under 8 are not allowed due to safety reasons.
How to reach: Taganskaya metro station
Coordinates: 55.741713, 37.648961