Through an ancient Roman style arch, which is often used for video-mapping, the visitors enter the city of fountain, whose architects were inspired by the Socialistic ideals. The All-Russia Exhibition Centre, or the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh), opened in 1939, is among to 50 largest world expo centres. Its signature landmark is Friendship of Nations fountain covered in real leaf-gold. There are also other stunningly beautiful fountains at the Park, e.g. the Stone Flower. Visitors can rent a bicycle, a Segway, a pedal cart, a scooter or roller-skates to explore the territory of the Park beyond the main alley. There is also a sightseeing electric train shuttling about the Park. In summers the Park is another popular spot for newlyweds’ photo sessions. The visitors have a unique opportunity to see the Park almost exactly the way it used to be originally, since during World War II it was lucky to avoid a single bomb drop!

VDNKh hosts museums, a greenhouse, an amusement park, Vostok space launch vehicle and aircrafts, 73 meters high Ferris wheel, the Europe’s largest Moskvarium aquarium, shops, including a grocery store with an authentic Soviet interior, fast-food stalls, cafés and restaurants. At the open-air Merry Dino interactive museum (behind Pavilion 20), you will see 21 giant reals size dinosaur sculptures. Pavilion 55 hosts Virtuality amusement park, where visitors can try saving a space station on Mars, fighting in star wars and even participating in a car race along the streets of Moscow. You can also visit the Polytechnic Museum showroom (Pavilion 26), Museum of Astronautics, the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Expo-Museum Centre. Next to Pavilion 20 there is an interactive museum of Buran orbital spacecraft, where you can not only watch a film about the legendary space-plane, but also pilot its landing on the Baikonur cosmodrome in real time!

At the City Farm family centre, situated next to Pavilion 44, visitors can watch and learn how to care for domestic animals and birds all year round, while in the Park of Crafts they can visit ceramics, carpenter, florist, glass, farm food production workshops: soap and cosmetic laboratories. Pavilion 48 houses the City Equestrian Centre, where one can learn all the horseback riding techniques. The Circorama Theatre and the Robotic Station situated in Pavilion 2 are also particularly interesting. VDNKh guests can attend free dancing master-classes, as well as yoga practices and lectures on landscape design. During winter the classes are held in the Culture Hall, and during summer they move to the open dance-floor next to Hall. Another summer attraction are concerts held at the open-air VDNKh Green Theatre. In summer you can also visit the largest Moscow adventure Rope Park Sky Town.

During winter a 60 thousand square meters skating rink in the shape of the fairy-tale Golden Key operates in the Park. This is the world’s biggest artificial ice rink, which can accommodate 4500 skaters at the same time. The rink’s main distinctive feature is its unique illumination. Everything is illuminated here: the buildings’ facades, the fences, the bridges, and even the ice glows from within with 16 million colour shades. Sports equipment can be also rented here. A rare visitor leaves VDNKh disappointed. USSR Republics designated Pavilions still demonstrate their original design; the territory of the Park is decorated with flowerbeds, an apple garden, rose-bushes and landscape installations; music is playing; and in winter besides skating rink there is also a seasonal fair with a beautiful Christmas tree. A fascinating guided tour VDNKh through the Engineer’s Eyes includes accessing the roof of the Central Pavilion. You can also visit the nearby Ostankino TV Tower. By the spring of 2018 VDNKh will be featuring a landscape park with a cable way, a labyrinth and a water garden.

Address: 119 Mira Avenue (prospekt Mira, 119)
Opening hours: 24/7. The fountains operate from May to October. Sightseeing tour desk is to the left from the Main Entrance Arch; bicycle tours can be arranged, guided tours are available in Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, and French; besides sightseeing tours there also intriguing hiking quests on offer.
How to reach: VDNKh metro station; buses 33, 56, 76, 93, 136, 154, 172, 195, 239, 244, and 803; trolleybuses 14, 48, and 76; trams 11, and 17
Coordinates: 55.826263, 37.637785