Sparrow Hills

Vorobyovy gory

These heights form one of the Moscow’s seven hills. For centuries here was the residence for Moscow gran princes, Russian tsars and Emperors – Vorobyovsky Palace. In 1812 it was destroyed by fire. Alexander I commanded to build the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour at the site, but eventually it was constructed in Volkhonka Street. Not once throughout the history of Russia foreign conquerors were looking at Moscow from Sparrow Hills. This is where Napoleon in 1812 got his first sight of the city. Nowadays Sparrow Hills still offer the best panoramic view of Moscow – no other sky-deck in the capital can boast of as many landmarks visible at the same time.

The Vorobyovy gory metro station is among the most distinctive ones in the city: its glass-walled platform is inside the bridge over the Moskva River. In warm seasons Sparrow Hills are often used as gathering spot by bikers. It is a popular place for newlyweds’ promenades. There are gift-shops here, a roller rink at the foot of the Hills, where you will also find a beautiful paved embankment frequented by the cyclers. In 2013 the Sparrow Hills Nature Reserve was joined with Gorky Park. Since 1953 a ski slope with a jumping board and illuminated tracks operates here. Since 1998 the site features eco hiking trails. In 1953 Moscow State University was built here.

The Trinity Church stands on the slope of the Hills. It was not closed during the Soviet times, thus its original interior has been preserved. Construction of the modern Empire style building of the Church designed by architect Alexander Vitberg commenced in 1811. It has portals decorated with columns and a two-tire bell tower. It is believed that Commander Kutuzov prayed at this Church before making a decision to leave Moscow in 1812.

Cruising boats offering sightseeing tours along the Moskva River make stops by the Hills. One can either make a round trip and return to Sparrow Hills or get off at a stop by Novospassky Bridge (close to Novospassky Monastery) and continue sightseeing of the city center.

Address: Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy gory)
How to reach: Vorobyovy gory metro station
Coordinates: 55.709271, 37.541975